100 Watt

Product Product Details
Meanwell PLN-100-12 - PSU IP64 12V 5A PLN-100-12
Meanwell PLN-100-15 - PSU IP64 15V 5A PLN-100-15
Meanwell PLN-100-20 - PSU IP64 20V 4.8A PLN-100-20
Meanwell PLN-100-24 - PSU IP64 24V 4A PLN-100-24
Meanwell PLN-100-27 - PSU IP64 27V 3.55A PLN-100-27
Meanwell PLN-100-36 - PSU IP64 36V 2.65A PLN-100-36
Meanwell PLN-100-48 - PSU IP64 48V 2A PLN-100-48
Meanwell PLC-100-12 - PSU 12V/5A (Terminal block connection) PLC-100-12
Meanwell PLC-100-15 - PSU 15V/5A (Terminal block connection) PLC-100-15
Meanwell PLC-100-20 - PSU 20V/4.8A (Terminal block connection) PLC-100-20
Meanwell PLC-100-24 - PSU 24V/4A (Terminal block connection) PLC-100-24
Meanwell PLC-100-27 - PSU 27V/3.55A (Terminal block connection) PLC-100-27
Meanwell PLC-100-36 - PSU 36V/2.65A (Terminal block connection) PLC-100-36
Meanwell PLC-100-48 - PSU 48V/2A (Terminal block connection) PLC-100-48
Meanwell LPV-100-5 - PSU IP67 5V 2.1A CV LPV-100-5
Meanwell LPV-100-12 - PSU IP67 12V 12A CV LPV-100-12
Meanwell LPV-100-15 - PSU IP67 15V 8.5A CV LPV-100-15
Meanwell LPV-100-24 - PSU IP67 24V 6.7A CV LPV-100-24
Meanwell LPV-100-36 - PSU IP67 36V 4.2A CV LPV-100-36
Meanwell LPV-100-48 - PSU IP67 48V 2.8A CV LPV-100-48
Meanwell HLG-100H-20 - PSU IP67 20V 4.8A wide input HLG-100H-20
Meanwell HLG-100H-20A - PSU IP65 20V 4.8A wide input HLG-100H-20A
Meanwell HLG-100H-20B - PSU IP67 20V 4.8A wide input HLG-100H-20B
Meanwell HLG-100H-24 - PSU IP67 24V 4A wide input HLG-100H-24
Meanwell HLG-100H-24A - PSU IP65 24V 4A wide input HLG-100H-24A
Meanwell HLG-100H-24B - PSU IP67 24V 4A wide input HLG-100H-24B
Meanwell HLG-100H-30 - PSU IP67 30V 3.2A wide input HLG-100H-30
Meanwell HLG-100H-30A - PSU IP65 30V 3.2A wide input HLG-100H-30A
Meanwell HLG-100H-30B - PSU IP67 30V 3.2A wide input HLG-100H-30B
Meanwell HLG-100H-36 - PSU IP67 36V 2.65A wide input HLG-100H-36
Meanwell HLG-100H-36A - PSU IP65 36V 2.65A wide input HLG-100H-36A
Meanwell HLG-100H-36B - PSU IP67 36V 2.65A wide input HLG-100H-36B
Meanwell HLG-100H-42 - PSU IP67 42V 2.28A wide input HLG-100H-42
Meanwell HLG-100H-42A - PSU IP65 42V 2.28A wide input HLG-100H-42A
Meanwell HLG-100H-42B - PSU IP67 42V 2.28A wide input HLG-100H-42B
Meanwell HLG-100H-48 - PSU IP67 48V 2.0A wide input HLG-100H-48
Meanwell HLG-100H-48A - PSU IP65 48V 2.0A wide input HLG-100H-48A
Meanwell HLG-100H-48B - PSU IP67 48V 2.0A wide input HLG-100H-48B
Meanwell HLG-100H-54 - PSU IP67 54V 1.77A wide input HLG-100H-54
Meanwell HLG-100H-54A - PSU IP65 54V 1.77A wide input HLG-100H-54A
Meanwell HLG-100H-54B - PSU IP67 54V 1.77A wide input HLG-100H-54B
Meanwell HBG-100-24A - PSU Circular shape 24V 0-4.0A IP65 HBG-100-24A
Meanwell HBG-100-24B - PSU Circular shape 24V 0-4.0A IP67 with 3 in 1 dimmer HBG-100-24B
Meanwell HBG-100-36A - PSU Circular shape 36V 0-2.7A IP65 HBG-100-36A
Meanwell HBG-100-36B - PSU Circular shape 36V 0-2.7A IP67 with 3 in 1 dimmer HBG-100-36B
Meanwell HBG-100-48A - PSU Circular shape 48V 0-2.0A IP65 HBG-100-48A
Meanwell HBG-100-48B - PSU Circular shape 48V 0-2.0A IP67 with 3 in 1 dimmer HBG-100-48B
Meanwell HBG-100-60A - PSU Circular shape 60V 0-1.6A IP65 HBG-100-60A
Meanwell HBG-100-60B - PSU Circular shape 60V 0-1.6A IP67 with 3 in 1 dimmer HBG-100-60B
Meanwell HVGC-100-350A - PSU IP65 29-285V 350mA CC HVGC-100-350A
Meanwell HVGC-100-350B - PSU IP65 29-285V 350mA CC with 3 in 1 dimming HVGC-100-350B
Meanwell HVGC-100-700A - PSU IP65 15-142V 700mA CC HVGC-100-700A
Meanwell HVGC-100-700B - PSU IP65 15-142V 700mA CC with 3 in 1 dimming HVGC-100-700B
Meanwell HEP-100-12 - PSU 12V/0-8.34A IP68 HEP-100-12
Meanwell HEP-100-12A - PSU 12V/0-8.34A IP65 HEP-100-12A
Meanwell HEP-100-15 - PSU 15V/0-6.67A IP68 HEP-100-15
Meanwell HEP-100-15A - PSU 15V/0-6.67A IP65 HEP-100-15A
Meanwell HEP-100-24 - PSU 24V/0-4A IP68 HEP-100-24
Meanwell HEP-100-24A - PSU 24V/0-4A IP65 HEP-100-24A
Meanwell HEP-100-36 - PSU 36V/0-2.65A IP68 HEP-100-36
Meanwell HEP-100-36A - PSU 36V/0-2.65A IP65 HEP-100-36A
Meanwell HEP-100-48 - PSU 48V/0-2A IP68 HEP-100-48
Meanwell HEP-100-48A - PSU 48V/0-2A IP65 HEP-100-48A
Meanwell HEP-100-54 - PSU 54V/0-1.77A IP68 HEP-100-54
Meanwell HEP-100-54A - PSU 54V/0-1.77A IP65 HEP-100-54A
Meanwell LPC-100-350 - PSU IP67 143-286V/350mA CC LPC-100-350
Meanwell LPC-100-500 - PSU IP67 100-200V/500mA CC LPC-100-500
Meanwell LPC-100-700 - PSU IP67 72-143V/700mA CC LPC-100-700
Meanwell LPC-100-1050 - PSU IP67 48-96V/1050mA CC LPC-100-1050
Meanwell LPC-100-1400 - PSU IP67 36-72V/1400mA CC LPC-100-1400
Meanwell LPC-100-1750 - PSU IP67 29-58V/1750mA CC LPC-100-1750
Meanwell LPC-100-2100 - PSU IP67 24-48V/2100mA CC LPC-100-2100
Meanwell ELG-100-24 - PSU 24V 0-4A IP67 IO cable ELG-100-24
Meanwell ELG-100-24A - PSU 24V 0-4A ELG-100-24A
Meanwell ELG-100-24B - PSU 24V 0-4A 3 in 1 dimming ELG-100-24B
Meanwell ELG-100-24D2 - PSU 24V 0-4A Self Progammable ELG-100-24D2
Meanwell ELG-100-24DA - PSU 24V 0-4A Dali ELG-100-24DA
Meanwell ELG-100-36 - PSU 36V 0-2.66A IP67 IO cable ELG-100-36
Meanwell ELG-100-36A - PSU 36V 0-2.66A ELG-100-36A
Meanwell ELG-100-36B - PSU 36V 0-2.66A 3 in 1 dimming ELG-100-36B
Meanwell ELG-100-36DA - PSU 36V 0-2.66A Dali ELG-100-36DA
Meanwell ELG-100-36D2 - PSU 36V 0-2.66A Self Progammable ELG-100-36D2
Meanwell ELG-100-42 - PSU 42V 0-2.28A IP67 IO cable ELG-100-42
Meanwell ELG-100-42A - PSU 42V 0-2.28A ELG-100-42A
Meanwell ELG-100-42B - PSU 42V 0-2.28A 3 in 1 dimming ELG-100-42B
Meanwell ELG-100-42D2 - PSU 42V 0-2.28A Self Progammable ELG-100-42D2
Meanwell ELG-100-42DA - PSU 42V 0-2.28A Dali ELG-100-42DA
Meanwell ELG-100-48 - PSU 48V 0-2A IP67 IO cable ELG-100-48
Meanwell ELG-100-48A - PSU 48V 0-2A ELG-100-48A
Meanwell ELG-100-48B - PSU 48V 0-2A 3 in 1 dimming ELG-100-48B
Meanwell ELG-100-48D2 - PSU 48V 0-2A Self Progammable ELG-100-48D2
Meanwell ELG-100-48DA - PSU 48V 0-2A dali ELG-100-48DA
Meanwell ELG-100-54 - PSU 54V 0-1.78A IP67 IO cable ELG-100-54
Meanwell ELG-100-54A - PSU 54V 0-1.78A ELG-100-54A
Meanwell ELG-100-54B - PSU 54V 0-1.78A 3 in 1 dimming ELG-100-54B
Meanwell ELG-100-54D2 - PSU 54V 0-1.78A Self Progammable ELG-100-54D2
Meanwell ELG-100-54DA - PSU 54V 0-1.78A Dali ELG-100-54DA
Meanwell ELG-100-C1050 - PSU 48-95V 1050mA IP67 IO cable ELG-100-C1050
Meanwell ELG-100-C1050A - PSU 48-95V 1050mA ELG-100-C1050A
Meanwell ELG-100-C1050B - PSU 48-95V 1050mA 3 in 1 dimming ELG-100-C1050B
Meanwell ELG-100-C1050D2 - PSU 48-95V 1050mA Self Programmable ELG-100-C1050D2
Meanwell ELG-100-C1050DA - PSU 48-95V 1050mA Dali ELG-100-C1050DA
Meanwell ELG-100-C1400 - PSU 35-72V 1400mA IP67 IO cable ELG-100-C1400
Meanwell ELG-100-C1400A - PSU 35-72V 1400mA ELG-100-C1400A
Meanwell ELG-100-C1400B - PSU 35-72V 1400mA 3 in 1 dimming ELG-100-C1400B
Meanwell ELG-100-C1400D2 - PSU 35-72V 1400mA Self Programmable ELG-100-C1400D2
Meanwell ELG-100-C1400DA - PSU 35-72V 1400mA Dali ELG-100-C1400DA
Meanwell ELG-100-C350 - PSU 143-286V 350mA IP67 IO cable ELG-100-C350
Meanwell ELG-100-C350A - PSU 143-286V 350mA ELG-100-C350A
Meanwell ELG-100-C350B - PSU 143-286V 350mA 3 in 1 dimming ELG-100-C350B
Meanwell ELG-100-C350D2 - PSU 143-286V 350mA Self Programmable ELG-100-C350D2
Meanwell ELG-100-C350DA - PSU 143-286V 350mA Dali ELG-100-C350DA
Meanwell ELG-100-C500 - PSU 100-200V 500mA IP67 IO cable ELG-100-C500
Meanwell ELG-100-C500A - PSU 100-200V 500mA ELG-100-C500A
Meanwell ELG-100-C500B - PSU 100-200V 500mA 3 in 1 dimming ELG-100-C500B
Meanwell ELG-100-C500D2 - PSU 100-200V 500mA Self Programmable ELG-100-C500D2
Meanwell ELG-100-C500DA - PSU 100-200V 500mA Dali ELG-100-C500DA
Meanwell ELG-100-C700 - PSU 71-143V 700mA IP67 IO cable ELG-100-C700
Meanwell ELG-100-C700A - PSU 71-143V 700mA ELG-100-C700A
Meanwell ELG-100-C700B - PSU 71-143V 700mA 3 in 1 dimming ELG-100-C700B
Meanwell ELG-100-C700D2 - PSU 71-143V 700mA Self Programmable ELG-100-C700D2
Meanwell ELG-100-C700DA - PSU 71-143V 700mA Dali ELG-100-C700DA
Meanwell HBG-100P-36A - LED PSU Circular shape 36V. 0-2.7A PCB-Type, I0 Ad HBG-100P-36A
Meanwell HBG-100P-36B - LED PSU Circular shape 36V. 0-2.7A PCB-Type, 3 in HBG-100P-36B
Meanwell HBG-100P-48A - LED PSU Circular shape 48V. 0-2A PCB-Type, I0 Adju HBG-100P-48A
Meanwell HBG-100P-48B - LED PSU Circular shape 48V. 0-2A PCB-Type, 3 in 1 HBG-100P-48B
Meanwell HBG-100P-60A - LED PSU Circular shape 60V. 0-1.6A PCB-Type, I0 Ad HBG-100P-60A
Meanwell HBG-100P-60B - LED PSU Circular shape 60V. 0-1.6A PCB-Type, 3 in HBG-100P-60B