25 Watt

Product Product Details
Meanwell PCD-25-350B - PSU 40-58V 350mA CC AC Dimmable PCD-25-350B
Meanwell PCD-25-700B - PSU 24-36V 700mA CC AC Dimmable PCD-25-700B
Meanwell PCD-25-1050B - PSU 16-24V 1050mA CC AC Dimmable PCD-25-1050B
Meanwell PCD-25-1400B - PSU 12-18V 1400mA CC AC Dimmable PCD-25-1400B
Meanwell APV-25-5 - PSU 5V 3.5A CV APV-25-5
Meanwell APV-25-12 - PSU 12V 2.1A CV APV-25-12
Meanwell APV-25-15 - PSU 15V 1.68A CV APV-25-15
Meanwell APV-25-24 - PSU 24V 1.05A CV APV-25-24
Meanwell APV-25-36 - PSU 36V 0.7A CV APV-25-36
Meanwell APC-25-350 - PSU 25-70V 350mA CC APC-25-350
Meanwell APC-25-500 - PSU 15-50V 500mA CC APC-25-500
Meanwell APC-25-700 - PSU 11-36V 700mA CC APC-25-700
Meanwell APC-25-1050 - PSU 9-24V 1050mA CC APC-25-1050
Meanwell PLD-25-1050 - PSU 16-24V 1050mA CC PLD-25-1050
Meanwell PLD-25-1400 - PSU 12-18V/1400mA CC PLD-25-1400
Meanwell PLD-25-350 - PSU 36-58V 350mA CC PLD-25-350
Meanwell PLD-25-700 - PSU 24-36V 700mA CC PLD-25-700
Meanwell LPF-25-12 - PSU IP67 12V 2.10A LPF-25-12
Meanwell LPF-25-15 - PSU IP67 15V 1.67A LPF-25-15
Meanwell LPF-25-20 - PSU IP67 20V 1.25A LPF-25-20
Meanwell LPF-25-24 - PSU IP67 24V 1.05A LPF-25-24
Meanwell LPF-25-30 - PSU IP67 30V 0.84A LPF-25-30
Meanwell LPF-25-36 - PSU IP67 36V 0.70A LPF-25-36
Meanwell LPF-25-42 - PSU IP67 42V 0.60A LPF-25-42
Meanwell LPF-25-48 - PSU IP67 48V 0.53A LPF-25-48
Meanwell LPF-25-54 - PSU IP67 54V 0.47A LPF-25-54
Meanwell LPF-25D-12 - PSU IP67 12V 2.10A with 3 in 1 dimming function LPF-25D-12
Meanwell LPF-25D-15 - PSU IP67 15V 1.67A with 3 in 1 dimming function LPF-25D-15
Meanwell LPF-25D-20 - PSU IP67 20V 1.25A with 3 in 1 dimming function LPF-25D-20
Meanwell LPF-25D-24 - PSU IP67 24V 1.05A with 3 in 1 dimming function LPF-25D-24
Meanwell LPF-25D-30 - PSU IP67 30V 0.84A with 3 in 1 dimming function LPF-25D-30
Meanwell LPF-25D-36 - PSU IP67 36V 0.70Awith 3 in 1 dimming function LPF-25D-36
Meanwell LPF-25D-42 - PSU IP67 42V 0.60A with 3 in 1 dimming function LPF-25D-42
Meanwell LPF-25D-48 - PSU IP67 48V 0.53A with 3 in 1 dimming function LPF-25D-48
Meanwell LPF-25D-54 - PSU IP67 54V 0.30A with 3 in 1 dimming function LPF-25D-54