150 Watt

Product Product Details
Meanwell CLG-150-12A - PSU IP65 12V 11.0A (V&C by internal potmeter) CLG-150-12A
Meanwell CLG-150-12B - PSU IP67 12V 11.0A (C.C. by output cable) CLG-150-12B
Meanwell CLG-150-12C - PSU 12V 11.0A (Terminal block connection) CLG-150-12C
Meanwell CLG-150-15A - PSU IP65 15V 9.50A (V&C by internal potmeter) CLG-150-15A
Meanwell CLG-150-15B - PSU IP65 15V 9.50A (C.C. by output cable) CLG-150-15B
Meanwell CLG-150-15C - PSU 15V 9.50A (Terminal block connection) CLG-150-15C
Meanwell CLG-150-20A - PSU IP65 20V 7.50A (V&C by internal potmeter) CLG-150-20A
Meanwell CLG-150-20B - PSU IP65 20V 7.50A (C.C. by output cable) CLG-150-20B
Meanwell CLG-150-20C - PSU 20V 7.50A (Terminal block connection) CLG-150-20C
Meanwell CLG-150-24A - PSU IP65 24V 6.30A (V&C by internal potmeter) CLG-150-24A
Meanwell CLG-150-24B - PSU IP65 24V 6.30A (C.C. by output cable) CLG-150-24B
Meanwell CLG-150-24C - PSU 24V 6.30A (Terminal block connection) CLG-150-24C
Meanwell CLG-150-30A - PSU IP65 30V 5.00A (V&C by internal potmeter) CLG-150-30A
Meanwell CLG-150-30B - PSU IP65 30V 5.00A (C.C. by output cable) CLG-150-30B
Meanwell CLG-150-30C - PSU 30V 5.00A (Terminal block connection) CLG-150-30C
Meanwell CLG-150-36A - PSU IP65 36V 4.20A (V&C by internal potmeter) CLG-150-36A
Meanwell CLG-150-36B - PSU IP65 36V 4.20A (C.C. by output cable) CLG-150-36B
Meanwell CLG-150-36C - PSU 36V 4.20A (Terminal block connection) CLG-150-36C
Meanwell CLG-150-48A - PSU IP65 48V 3.20A (V&C by internal potmeter) CLG-150-48A
Meanwell CLG-150-48B - PSU IP65 48V 3.20A (C.C. by output cable) CLG-150-48B
Meanwell CLG-150-48C - PSU 48V 3.20A (Terminal block connection) CLG-150-48C
Meanwell HLG-150H-12 - PSU IP67 12V 12.5A wide input HLG-150H-12
Meanwell HLG-150H-12A - PSU IP65 12V 12.5A wide input HLG-150H-12A
Meanwell HLG-150H-12B - PSU IP67 12V 12.5A wide input HLG-150H-12B
Meanwell HLG-150H-15 - PSU IP67 15V 10A wide input HLG-150H-15
Meanwell HLG-150H-15A - PSU IP65 15V 10A wide input HLG-150H-15A
Meanwell HLG-150H-15B - PSU IP67 15V 10A wide input HLG-150H-15B
Meanwell HLG-150H-20 - PSU IP67 20V 7.5A wide input HLG-150H-20
Meanwell HLG-150H-20A - PSU IP65 20V 7.5A wide input HLG-150H-20A
Meanwell HLG-150H-20B - PSU IP67 20V 7.5A wide input HLG-150H-20B
Meanwell HLG-150H-24 - PSU IP67 24V 6.3A wide input HLG-150H-24
Meanwell HLG-150H-24A - PSU IP65 24V 6.3A wide input HLG-150H-24A
Meanwell HLG-150H-24B - PSU IP67 24V 6.3A wide input HLG-150H-24B
Meanwell HLG-150H-30 - PSU IP67 30V 5A wide input HLG-150H-30
Meanwell HLG-150H-30A - PSU IP65 30V 5A wide input HLG-150H-30A
Meanwell HLG-150H-30B - PSU IP67 30V 5A wide input HLG-150H-30B
Meanwell HLG-150H-36 - PSU IP67 36V 4.2A wide input HLG-150H-36
Meanwell HLG-150H-36A - PSU IP65 36V 4.2A wide input HLG-150H-36A
Meanwell HLG-150H-36B - PSU IP67 36V 4.2A wide input HLG-150H-36B
Meanwell HLG-150H-42 - PSU IP67 42V 3.6A wide input HLG-150H-42
Meanwell HLG-150H-42A - PSU IP65 42V 3.6A wide input HLG-150H-42A
Meanwell HLG-150H-42B - PSU IP67 42V 3.6A wide input HLG-150H-42B
Meanwell HLG-150H-48A - PSU IP65 48V 3.2A wide input HLG-150H-48A
Meanwell HLG-150H-48 - PSU IP67 48V 3.2A wide input HLG-150H-48
Meanwell HLG-150H-48B - PSU IP67 48V 3.2A wide input HLG-150H-48B
Meanwell HLG-150H-54 - PSU IP67 54V 2.8A wide input HLG-150H-54
Meanwell HLG-150H-54A - PSU IP65 54V 2.8A wide input HLG-150H-54A
Meanwell HLG-150H-54B - PSU IP67 54V 2.8A wide input HLG-150H-54B
Meanwell ULP-150-12 - PSU U-bracket type 12V 12.5A ULP-150-12
Meanwell ULP-150-15 - PSU U-bracket type 15V 10A ULP-150-15
Meanwell ULP-150-24 - PSU U-bracket type 24V 6.3A ULP-150-24
Meanwell ULP-150-36 - PSU U-bracket type 36V 4.2A ULP-150-36
Meanwell ULP-150-48 - PSU U-bracket type 48V 3.2A ULP-150-48
Meanwell CLG-150-12 - PSU IP67 12V/11A CLG-150-12
Meanwell CLG-150-15 - PSU IP67 15V 9.5A CLG-150-15
Meanwell CLG-150-20 - PSU IP67 20V 7.5A CLG-150-20
Meanwell CLG-150-24 - PSU IP67 24V/6.3A CLG-150-24
Meanwell CLG-150-30 - PSU IP67 30V 5.0A CLG-150-30
Meanwell CLG-150-36 - PSU IP67 36V 4.2A CLG-150-36
Meanwell CLG-150-48 - PSU IP67 48V 3.2A CLG-150-48
Meanwell HVGC-150-1050A - PSU IP65 15-143V 1050mA CC HVGC-150-1050A
Meanwell HVGC-150-1050B - PSU IP65 15-143V 1050mA CC with 3 in 1 dimming HVGC-150-1050B
Meanwell HVGC-150-1400A - PSU IP65 12-107V 1400mA CC HVGC-150-1400A
Meanwell HVGC-150-1400B - PSU IP65 12-107V 1400mA CC with 3 in 1 dimming HVGC-150-1400B
Meanwell HVGC-150-350A - PSU IP65 42-428V 350mA CC HVGC-150-350A
Meanwell HVGC-150-350B - PSU IP65 42-428V 350mA CC with 3 in 1 dimming HVGC-150-350B
Meanwell HVGC-150-500A - PSU IP65 30-300V 500mA CC HVGC-150-500A
Meanwell HVGC-150-500B - PSU IP65 30-300V 500mA CC with 3 in 1 dimming HVGC-150-500B
Meanwell HVGC-150-700A - PSU IP65 21-215V 700mA CC HVGC-150-700A
Meanwell HVGC-150-700B - PSU IP65 21-215V 700mA CC with 3 in 1 dimming HVGC-150-700B
Meanwell HEP-150-12 - PSU 12V/0-12.5A IP68 HEP-150-12
Meanwell HEP-150-12A - PSU 12V/0-12.5A IP65 HEP-150-12A
Meanwell HEP-150-15 - PSU 15V/0-10A IP68 HEP-150-15
Meanwell HEP-150-15A - PSU 15V/0-10A IP65 HEP-150-15A
Meanwell HEP-150-24 - PSU 24V/0-6.3A IP68 HEP-150-24
Meanwell HEP-150-24A - PSU 24V/0-6.3A IP65 HEP-150-24A
Meanwell HEP-150-36 - PSU 36V/0-4.2A IP68 HEP-150-36
Meanwell HEP-150-36A - PSU 36V/0-4.2A IP65 HEP-150-36A
Meanwell HEP-150-48 - PSU 48V/0-3.2A IP68 HEP-150-48
Meanwell HEP-150-48A - PSU 48V/0-3.2A IP65 HEP-150-48A
Meanwell HEP-150-54 - PSU 54V/0-2.8A IP68 HEP-150-54
Meanwell HEP-150-54A - PSU 54V/0-2.8A IP65 HEP-150-54A
Meanwell LPV-150-12 - PSU IP67 12V/10.0A CV LPV-150-12
Meanwell LPV-150-15 - PSU IP67 15V/10.0A CV LPV-150-15
Meanwell LPV-150-24 - PSU IP67 24V/6.3A CV LPV-150-24
Meanwell LPV-150-36 - PSU IP67 24V/4.2A CV LPV-150-36
Meanwell LPV-150-48 - PSU IP67 24V/3.2A CV LPV-150-48
Meanwell LPC-150-350 - PSU IP67 215-430V/350mA CC LPC-150-350
Meanwell LPC-150-500 - PSU IP67 150-300V/500mA CC LPC-150-500
Meanwell LPC-150-700 - PSU IP67 107-215V/700mA CC LPC-150-700
Meanwell LPC-150-1050 - PSU IP67 74-148V/1050mA CC LPC-150-1050
Meanwell LPC-150-1400 - PSU IP67 54-108V/1400mA CC LPC-150-1400
Meanwell LPC-150-1750 - PSU IP67 43-86V/1750mA CC LPC-150-1750
Meanwell LPC-150-2100 - PSU IP67 36-72V/2100mA CC LPC-150-2100
Meanwell LPC-150-2450 - PSU IP67 31-62V/2450mA CC LPC-150-2450
Meanwell LPC-150-2800 - PSU IP67 27-54V/2800mA CC LPC-150-2800
Meanwell LPC-150-3150 - PSU IP67 24-48V/3150mA CC LPC-150-3150
Meanwell ELG-150-12A - PSU 54V 0-1.78A ELG-150-12A
Meanwell ELG-150-12B - PSU 54V 0-1.78A 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-12B
Meanwell ELG-150-12BE - PSU 12V 0-10A, IP67, 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-12BE
Meanwell ELG-150-12D2 - PSU 54V 0-2.8A Self Programmable ELG-150-12D2
Meanwell ELG-150-12DA - PSU 12V 0-10A Dali ELG-150-12DA
Meanwell ELG-150-24 - PSU 24V 0-6.25A, IP67 IO Cable ELG-150-24
Meanwell ELG-150-24A - PSU 54V 0-1.78A ELG-150-24A
Meanwell ELG-150-24B - PSU 54V 0-1.78A 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-24B
Meanwell ELG-150-24BE - PSU 24V 0-6.25A, IP67, 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-24BE
Meanwell ELG-150-24D2 - PSU 12V 0-10A Self Programmable ELG-150-24D2
Meanwell ELG-150-24DA - PSU 24V 0-6.25A Dali ELG-150-24DA
Meanwell ELG-150-36 - PSU 36V 0-4.17A, IP67 IO Cable ELG-150-36
Meanwell ELG-150-36A - PSU 54V 0-1.78A ELG-150-36A
Meanwell ELG-150-36B - PSU 54V 0-1.78A 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-36B
Meanwell ELG-150-36BE - PSU 36V 0-4.17A, IP67, 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-36BE
Meanwell ELG-150-36D2 - PSU 24V 0-6.25A Self Programmable ELG-150-36D2
Meanwell ELG-150-36DA - PSU 36V 0-4.17A Dali ELG-150-36DA
Meanwell ELG-150-42 - PSU 42V 0-3.57A, IP67 IO Cable ELG-150-42
Meanwell ELG-150-42A - PSU 54V 0-1.78A ELG-150-42A
Meanwell ELG-150-42B - PSU 54V 0-1.78A 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-42B
Meanwell ELG-150-42BE - PSU 42V 0-3.57A, IP67, 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-42BE
Meanwell ELG-150-42D2 - PSU 36V 0-4.17A Self Programmable ELG-150-42D2
Meanwell ELG-150-42DA - PSU 42V 0-3.57A Dali ELG-150-42DA
Meanwell ELG-150-48 - PSU 48V 0-3.13A, IP67 IO Cable ELG-150-48
Meanwell ELG-150-48A - PSU 54V 0-1.78A ELG-150-48A
Meanwell ELG-150-48B - PSU 54V 0-1.78A 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-48B
Meanwell ELG-150-48BE - PSU 48V 0-3.13A, IP67, 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-48BE
Meanwell ELG-150-48D2 - PSU 42V 0-3.57A Self Programmable ELG-150-48D2
Meanwell ELG-150-48DA - PSU 48V 0-3.13A dali ELG-150-48DA
Meanwell ELG-150-54 - PSU 54V 0-2.8A, IP67 IO Cable ELG-150-54
Meanwell ELG-150-54A - PSU 54V 0-1.78A ELG-150-54A
Meanwell ELG-150-54B - PSU 54V 0-1.78A 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-54B
Meanwell ELG-150-54BE - PSU 54V 0-2.8A, IP67, 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-54BE
Meanwell ELG-150-54D2 - PSU 48V 0-3.13A Self Programmable ELG-150-54D2
Meanwell ELG-150-54DA - PSU 54V 0-2.8A Dali ELG-150-54DA
Meanwell ELG-150-C1050 - PSU 72-143V 1050mA IP67 IO cable ELG-150-C1050
Meanwell ELG-150-C1050A - PSU 72-143V 1050mA ELG-150-C1050A
Meanwell ELG-150-C1050B - PSU 72-143V 1050mA 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-C1050B
Meanwell ELG-150-C1050-BE - PSU 72-143V 1050mA IP67 3 in 1 Dimming ELG-150-C1050-BE
Meanwell ELG-150-C1050D2 - PSU72-143V 1050mA Self Programmable ELG-150-C1050D2
Meanwell ELG-150-C1050DA - Led PSU CC. 72-143V/1050mA, IP67 DALI ELG-150-C1050DA
Meanwell ELG-150-C1400 - PSU 54-107V 1400mA IP67 IO cable ELG-150-C1400
Meanwell ELG-150-C1400A - PSU 54-107V 1400mA ELG-150-C1400A
Meanwell ELG-150-C1400B - PSU 54-107V 1400mA 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-C1400B
Meanwell ELG-150-C1400-BE - PSU 54-107V 1400mA IP67 3 in 1 Dimming ELG-150-C1400-BE
Meanwell ELG-150-C1400D2 - PSU 54-107V 1400mA Self Programmable ELG-150-C1400D2
Meanwell ELG-150-C1400DA - Led PSU CC. 54-107V/1400mA, IP67 DALI ELG-150-C1400DA
Meanwell ELG-150-C1750 - PSU 43-86V 1750mA IP67 IO cable ELG-150-C1750
Meanwell ELG-150-C1750A - PSU 43-86V 1750mA ELG-150-C1750A
Meanwell ELG-150-C1750B - PSU 43-86V 1750mA 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-C1750B
Meanwell ELG-150-C1750-BE - PSU 43-86V 1750mA IP67 3 in 1 Dimming ELG-150-C1750-BE
Meanwell ELG-150-C1750D2 - PSU 43-86V 1750mA Self Programmable ELG-150-C1750D2
Meanwell ELG-150-C1750DA - Led PSU CC. 43-86V/1750mA, IP67 DALI ELG-150-C1750DA
Meanwell ELG-150-C2100 - PSU 36-72V 2100mA IP67 IO cable ELG-150-C2100
Meanwell ELG-150-C2100A - PSU 36-72V 2100mA ELG-150-C2100A
Meanwell ELG-150-C2100B - PSU 36-72V 2100mA 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-C2100B
Meanwell ELG-150-C2100-BE - PSU 36-72V 2100mA IP67 3 in 1 Dimming ELG-150-C2100-BE
Meanwell ELG-150-C2100D2 - PSU 36-72V 2100mA Self Programmable ELG-150-C2100D2
Meanwell ELG-150-C2100DA - Led PSU CC. 36-72V/2100mA, IP67 DALI ELG-150-C2100DA
Meanwell ELG-150-C500 - PSU 150-450V 500mA IP67 IO cable ELG-150-C500
Meanwell ELG-150-C500A - PSU 150-450V 500mA ELG-150-C500A
Meanwell ELG-150-C500B - PSU 150-450V 500mA 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-C500B
Meanwell ELG-150-C500-BE - PSU 150-300V 500mA IP67 3 in 1 Dimming ELG-150-C500-BE
Meanwell ELG-150-C500D2 - PSU 150-300V 500mA Self Programmable ELG-150-C500D2
Meanwell ELG-150-C500DA - Led PSU CC. 150-300V/500mA, IP67 DALI ELG-150-C500DA
Meanwell ELG-150-C700 - PSU 107-214V 700mA IP67 IO cable ELG-150-C700
Meanwell ELG-150-C700A - PSU 107-214V 700mA ELG-150-C700A
Meanwell ELG-150-C700B - PSU 107-214V 700mA 3 in 1 dimming ELG-150-C700B
Meanwell ELG-150-C700-BE - PSU 107-214V 700mA IP67 3 in 1 Dimming ELG-150-C700-BE
Meanwell ELG-150-C700D2 - PSU 107-214V 700mA Self Programmable ELG-150-C700D2
Meanwell ELG-150-C700DA - Led PSU CC. 107-214V/700mA, IP67 DALI ELG-150-C700DA
Meanwell ELG-150-12 - PSU 12V 0-10A, IP67 IO Cable ELG-150-12