45 Watt

Product Product Details
Meanwell PLN-45-12 - PSU IP64 12V 3.8A PLN-45-12
Meanwell PLN-45-15 - PSU IP64 15V 3A PLN-45-15
Meanwell PLN-45-20 - PSU IP64 20V 2.3A PLN-45-20
Meanwell PLN-45-24 - PSU IP64 24V 1.9A PLN-45-24
Meanwell PLN-45-27 - PSU IP64 27V 1.7A PLN-45-27
Meanwell PLN-45-36 - PSU IP64 36V 1.25A PLN-45-36
Meanwell PLN-45-48 - PSU IP64 48V 0.95A PLN-45-48
Meanwell PLC-45-12 - PSU 12V 3.8A (Terminal block connection) PLC-45-12
Meanwell PLC-45-15 - PSU 15V 3A (Terminal block connection) PLC-45-15
Meanwell PLC-45-20 - PSU 20V 2.3A (Terminal block connection) PLC-45-20
Meanwell PLC-45-24 - PSU 24V 1.9A (Terminal block connection) PLC-45-24
Meanwell PLC-45-27 - PSU 27V 1.7A (Terminal block connection) PLC-45-27
Meanwell PLC-45-36 - PSU 36V 1.25A (Terminal block connection) PLC-45-36
Meanwell PLC-45-48 - PSU 48V 0.95A (Terminal block connection) PLC-45-48
Meanwell PLP-45-12 - PSU pcb LED 12V 3.8A PLP-45-12
Meanwell PLP-45-24 - PSU pcb LED 24V 1.9A PLP-45-24
Meanwell PLP-45-48 - PSU pcb LED 48V 0.95A PLP-45-48
Meanwell IDLC-45-1050 - Led PSU 26-43V, 1050mA CC IDLC-45-1050
Meanwell IDLC-45-1400 - Led PSU 19-32V/1400mA CC IDLC-45-1400
Meanwell IDLC-45-350 - Led PSU 57-95V/350mA CC IDLC-45-350
Meanwell IDLC-45-700 - Led PSU 38-64V/700mA CC IDLC-45-700
Meanwell IDLC-45A-1050 - Led PSU 26-43V, 1050mA CC, with Aux outp. IDLC-45A-1050
Meanwell IDLC-45A-1400 - Led PSU 19-32V/1400mA CC With Aux outp. IDLC-45A-1400
Meanwell IDLC-45A-350 - Led PSU 57-95V/350mA CC With Aux outp. IDLC-45A-350
Meanwell IDLC-45A-700 - Led PSU 38-64V/700mA CC With Aux outp. IDLC-45A-700